Audrius Gražys was born in Kaunas on June 14th 1963 in Kaunas Has Master’s degree in Arts. Painting section. (Vilnius Academy of Arts). A member of Lithuanian Artists Association since 1992. Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.


I was born in the family of actors Bronius Gražys and Nijolė Narijauskaitė. Before studying acting, my father dreamed to be a painter. However, after he saw the paintings of other entrant students of the Academy of Arts, decided, that his painting are worthless, tore them and started acting studies. But he never gave up painting. Besides acting, directing and painting he was a passionate collector of art cards, antique books, badges, stamps, clocks, famuos people signatures, but most of all he was in collecting works by Lithuanian painters. All our home walls were covered by books from floor to ceiling. After we moved to a new bigger home all the walls were covered with pictures. The collection grew bigger and bigger and spaces between works – smaller and smaller. When it appeared, that during a moth father didn’t purchase any picture, slight “tension” was felt in the house. Seems like abidance in such a setting was a major impact on my future choices. Differently from other kids I never dreamed of being neither a fireman, nor an astronaut. Seems like from my early years I simply knew, thatI will be a painter. Therefore, it is not surprising that my first teacher was dad. Our home was always filled with actors, painters, musicians and students of my parents. Firs art history lessons I gained while father was over and over presenting his collection to our new guests. He talked about painting styles, coloristics and composition. Being a kid and seing such a number of good works I was not able to decide which ones I like the most. But still even then those that needed interpretation nailed my attention. Now I know – they were abstract works. Probably, that’s where my style got it’s roots. I am interested in how color and spot, their compatibility or strain can affect the viewer


2023 Audrius Gražys, Bronius Gražys “Frozen Coincidence or DNA”, Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre.
2023 “Frozen Coincidence or DNA”, „Arka” gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2023 „Everything about Angels”, Audrius Gražys art gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2022 Art fair „Art Compensa“, Vilnius, LT
2022 „Water DNA“, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Hague, NL
2020 “Audrius Bronius Gražys Painting”, National Kaunas drama theatre.

2020 UN[pa] repeatable, „Baroti“ gallery, Klaipėda, LT.

2019 “Rules of the Game” , Antanas Moncys House, Palanga, LT.
2019 “Returns II“ , Prosecutor General‘s Office of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius, LT. LT.
2019 A Project “X:Memory”, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, LV.
2019 Returns I“, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Vilnius, LT. LT.
2018 An Exhibition, dedicated to Klaipėda Jazz Festival, Klaipėda,
2018 „A FishEye out of Reach of New Zealand“, Artists Asociation Gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2018 „Stille Strukturen“, gallery Spiegel, Minden, DE.
2017 “Pointilistic Time“, „Saulius Saulius“ gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2016 „Small and Big Issues .1998 -2015”, BAROTTI Gallery, Klaipeda, LT.
2016 “Far and Away”, The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, Moscow, RU.
2016 „From White to Black“, Boisse, FR.
2015 „Parallels“ PARKAS Gallery, Kaunas, LT.
2015 “Small and Big Issues. 1998 -2015″ Gallery MENO FORMA, Kaunas, LT.
2013 „Golden age”, galerry, „Baroti“, Klaipėda. LT.
2013 „Parallels”, „Juozas Art” gallery, Vilnius. Lt.
2013 „Parallels“, “Lessbroussart” gallery, Brussels, BL.
2013 „Lithuanian Landscapes‘‘, Brussels, BE.
2013 „Parallels‘‘, hotel KEMPINSKI, Vilnius, LT.
2010 „Stories”, UŽUTRAKIS Palace, Trakai, LT.
2009 Painting. ” Mona Liza ” gallery, Paris, FR.
2008 “On the road ” Gallery XX2 ,Vilnius, LT.
2007 „Together and Apart‘‘. Gallery KAUNO LANGAS, Kaunas, LT.
2006 “ Birth‘‘. Gallery VIA DEL AMBRA, Arezzo, IT.
2004 „Far and Away‘‘, Gallery VARTAI, Vilnius, LT.
2002 “Human & Nature”, Minami Aoyama Gallery, Tokyo, JAP.
2002 “Paintings”, gallery CEURTAT , Lisbon, PT.
2001 “ A Week Has Four Days‘‘, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2001 „Into the Space‘‘, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, City Hall, Vilnius, LT,
2000 “Paintings”, Nord LB Bank, Vilnius, LT.
1999 „Tapyba”, German embassy, Vilnius, LT.
1999 “Paintings”, Embassy of Lithuania, Helsinki, FI.
1998 “ Two Weeks by the Ocean‘‘, Ebbaxaida Mineira, San Paulo, BR.
1996 “Paintings”, BAROTTI gallery, Klaipėda, LT.


2023 Arf Fair ArtVilnius, Litexpo, LT.
2023 Art Fair for Contemporary & Modern Art – POSITIONS, Berlin, DE.
2023 group WITHOUT SHADOWS “Permancrisis”, Vilnius Rathouse, LT
2023 group WITHOUT SHADOWS “Permanent crisis”, „Baroti” gallery, Klaipėda, LT.
2023 „Ar tu ne kanukas”, „Business Stadium” gallery ,Vilnius, LT.
2022 A group of artists ,,Without Shadows“, Art Vilnius , Litexpo, Vilnius, LT.
2022 International Watercolor Biennale “Baltic Bridges” , LT.
2019 The 4th quadrennial of contemporary art “Memorabilia. Inserted to
Memory”, gallery „Meno parkas“, Kaunas, LT
2018 „Integration“. Art Vilnius, Litexpo, Vilnius. LT.
2018 Affordable Art Fair Barsea Park, RADO art gallery, London, UK.
2017 “Salcburg – Vilnius. Dialogues”, Neudrossenfeld, DE.
2017 “Salcburg – Vilnius. Dialogues”, Gallery ART Bv Berchtoldvilla, AT.
2017 “Salcburg – Vilnius. Dialogues”, ARKA Gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2017 „Cool‘Tas“, BAROTTI Gallery, Klaipėda, LT.
2017 “Raw Space”, Zwolle, NL.
2017 Art Vilnius , Litexpo, Vilnius, LT.
2016 „Cool‘Tas“, Kaunas, LT.
2016 „Far and Away‘‘, A3 Gallery, Moscow, RU.
2016 „Carbon 12“, DIGGI Pallace, Jaipur, IN.
2016 „Carbon 12“, EGG Gallery, Delhi, IN.
2016 „Zakhor“, Jewish Museum, Cape Town, ZA.
2016 „Starting Point“, A Gallery, Panevežys, LT.
2016 Art Vilnius 2016, Litexpo, Vilnius, LT
2016 „100 Percent of Painting“ ARKA Gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2015 „Spaces of Light“ UNESCO, Paris, FR.
2015 „Zachor“, Konrad Adenauer fondation, Berlin, DE.
2015 Visual Vilnius Jewish topography, Vilnius Town Hall, LT.
2014 “Apparent Stories. Transmissions”, UŽUTRAKIS Palace, Trakai, LT.
2014 “Wide angle. Time Limit”, ARKA Gallery, Vilnius, LT.
2012 “Art Vilnius’12” (Vilnius International Art fair), LT.
2012 Billboard paintings, Vyborg, DE.
2008-2010 “Autumn Salon in Paris 2009”, FR.
2008 International Biennial, Minsk, BL.
2008 Art Works Fair Expo, Saria, ES.
2008 “Language of Colors”, Lithuanian World Center, Chicago, USA
2008 “From Good Painting to Video art”, National Museum of Rome, Castello San Angelo, IT.
2007 New: Illusion and Reality. The 4th International Art Biennial, Tashkent, UZ.
2007 13th International Vilnius painting Triennial, Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, LT.
2007 “Salon 2007 Moscow”, RU.
2006 “International Art Project Virus”, Šiauliai, LT.
2005 “Dialogue”, Gallery N. Tbilisi, GE.
2005 “Helsinki Zoo, Ice Sculpture”, Helsinki, FI.
2001 „Paintings“, gallery „1”, Upsala, SE.
2001 “Without Shadows”, European Parliament, Brussels, BE.
2001 „Paintings”, gallery “Artyp”, Brussels, BE.
2001 „Artists Space”, Berlin, DE.
2000 „24 hours -various motives“, gallery „Vartai“, Vilnius, LT.
2000 “Park of Ice Sculptures”, Cathedral Square, Vilnius, LT.
1999 “Erotics”, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius, LT.
1999 “Lithuanian Artists in Turkey”, Ankara, TR.
1999 “Four 4 – EUROGATE’99”, Taiwan, CH.
1999 “Sound + Vision Laboratory”, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, LT.
1998 Painting, NATO Residence, Brussels, BE.
1998 “Red Book”, Expo’98, Lisbon, PT.
1997 „Galleries Present ”, Lithuanian painting 97, ŠMC, Vilnius, LT.
1997 “Magical Realism”, MANEZ, St Petersburg, RU.
1997 „Lithuanian Paintings”, „Mai“ museum, Kopenhagen, DE.
1997 ” The Exhibition of Lithuanian Plastic Art”, Sharjan Museum, UAE.
1997 „An Exhibition of Two Painters“, gallery “Grosser Wall“, Berlin, DE.
1995 “10th Vilnius Painting Triennial”, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, LT.
1995 “4th St Petersburg Biennial”, SPATIA NOVA, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1995 “VARTAI Gallery Painters”, M.K.ČIURLIONIS Gallery, Chicago, USA.
1994 “VARTAI Gallery Painters”, Gallery 10, Washington, USA.
1994 “Painting”, ŠMC, Vilnius, LT.
1994 “Painting”, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industriie, Nancy, FR
1994 “Painting”, “Rhein Rhur” centre, Miulheim, DE.
1993 “Painting”, “Open Haven” museum, Amsterdam, NE.
1990 “Painting”, Lithuanian Embassy in Russia, Moscow, RU.


2004 Musicle „Tadas Blinda“, scenography and video art, Vilnius, LT.

2013 Musical “The Tree of Tales”, video art, Anykščiai, LT.

2006 Vaizdo projekcija, miuziklas “Medžio pasakos”, Vilnius.
2006 “80 years of Lithuanian ballet”, video art, National Opera and Ballet Theater, Vilnius, LT.
1996 Michail Bulgakov „Moliere“, scenography for the play, Vilnius State drama theatre, LT.


2017 Golden Badge „For the Versatility and Reflexiveness in Creations“. By the resolution of the Council of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
2003 Order of Merit (Officer’s Cross) of the Republic of Portugal by The President of the Republic of Portugal Jorge Sampaio.
1998, 2000 The first place in the artistic performances “Performances on the Sand”.
1997 Dienovidis Prize of the 10th International Triennial of Painting.
1996 A prize of 7th International Symposium of Painting.
1995 A prize of Vilnius International Plain Air.